Now this was lots of fun in stereo 3D.. lots of work involved all right, but it sure was worth every second.
Scribe is the largest manufacturer and seller of note books in Mexico .. so a massive company you can imagine.
Their adv agency – La doble vida – came up with Dr.OH, a mad scientist who, with the help of his clumsy sidekick solve all the mysteries of science.
A fantastic scenario, best crew ever, great performances and mind blowing 3D effects made this one a house favorite. And we were involved in all steps of the process: we organized and monitored the 3D shooting, using a 3D beam splitter rig (which was operated by the same stereographer that designed it for the shooting of Spiderman 3!) and solved the complete postproduction and VFX in-house, which involved tasks like wire removal, creation of all the CGI elements along the clip (concept, modeling, animation, lighting and final composition, 3D set-up), Stereo cameras adjustment, and many other little things that makes this a wonder to watch!
A great THANKS to our friends at Cineconcepto Mexico for picking us to work with them in this wonderful project.


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